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ISSN 2453-9325 (online)

ISSN 2453-7659 (print version).

The journal of the Department of Physical Education and Sports at the Faculty of Arts of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica and Slovak Conditioning Trainers Association titled the Slovak Journal of Sport Science is a successor to the EXERCITATIO CORPOLIS-MOTUS-SALUS journal. It addresses not only theory and research in sport sciences, but also physical education in practice. The journal publishes original works in the field of sports educology, humanistics, and kinanthropology, theory, methodology, research, and practice, and also, recent reviews and reports from international conferences, congresses, and symposia. The mission of the journal is not only to spread the latest knowledge from research in the field of physical education, but also to publish opinions, synthesize information, and last but not least, present methodological approaches emerging from different paradigms used to solve research problems in Slovakia and abroad. Therefore, it aims to provide both information and education and to contribute to development of the knowledge base in the field and to enhance the level of expertise of those involved in physical education.

Another important role of the journal is related to terminology: continual enrichment of terminology in the field of physical education is constantly taking place all around the world thanks to global research – it is important to react to this global development and to keep the terms up-to-date in Slovakia. Based on this, the journal stimulates the formation of expert language in the field of physical education and helps create its vocabulary.


Just like all our fellow scientific journals, the Slovak Journal of Sport Science depends on cooperation among contributors, reviewers, and our readers.

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