Guide for Authors

Slovak Journal of Sport Science

We are very thankful that you decide to publish in our journal. In instructions, we state information about the correct form of the articles and manuscripts. Please read instructions very carefully and as closely as possible.   



The journal “SJSS” is scientific and reviewed journal focused on publication of articles from the spheres and fields of sports sciences. We publish manuscripts in English language which become the subject of review procedure minimally of two independent reviewers whose identity is hidden. The editors keep all authors´ works in secret before the reviewers, editorial board and publisher during the procedure. The final decision about work´s acceptation or rejection for publication is in competence of editorial board.

Manuscript preparation
In the journal we accept following types of articles in English languages:
Original articles
Reviews and commentaries of international and conferences, symposiums, congresses with current and relevant content
Reviews and commentaries of universal conferences, symposiums, congresses with current and relevant content

Publishing Ethics
The chairperson of the editorial board, the editorial board and editor – in- chief are responsible for scientific and ethical level of the journal. Authors are responsible for the English version of the works.

The structure of the article
All fonts of the article should have the Arial form. The articles and manuscripts are preferred in single spaced Microsoft Word format with margins: 2.5; 2.5; 2.5 cm. Articles should start with the title with centred, bold capitals. The font size is 11. The title is followed by the name and surname of the author (authors) with the same form as the title (centred, bold capitals) but the font size is 9. Then the department and country should be stated in centred, italics form.

Abstract and keywords
The abstracts should have structured form and should consist of 300 – 500 words. Abstracts contain theoretical backgrounds, aims, methods and results and conclusion.  The abstract is presented in centred, bold capitals with font size 9. The keywords are stated below the abstract with maximum number of 5.   The titles: Abstract, Keywords are presented in bold capitals. The other fonts are ordinary (common) with the size 9.

Main text

The body of the article is divided in following sections:
Introduction: bold capitals, the font size: 9
Aim, tasks, hypothesis: bold capitals (9)
Methods (Methodology): bold capitals (9)
Discussion: bold capitals (9)
Conclusion: bold capitals (9)

References and Sources: bold capitals (9), according to the APA form (2001), References, sources and cited literature are ordered alphabetically with font size 9 and all authors cited in the text are mentioned and cited in the “References” too and vice versa. If the article consists of more than 3 authors, then in the text the abbreviation “et al. “follow the last ((3rd) author. In References you should present all authors.

You should not use “bold and italics” font in the text. The bold fonts are used only for mentioned parts and for tables (charts), images, graphs and other figures: 

Tables and Figures
Tables and figures should be located in corresponding place of the text according to valid norm and they should be marked by the number and title and the reference of the table (figure) should be presented in the text.

Further information
The article (manuscript) should contain declaration or statement that it has not been published (in the case of article´s acceptation) and it will not be published in other journals. This declaration (statement) should be signed by all authors. All received manuscripts become the journal´s possession and no part of accepted work must not be reproduced without the letter of approval of the publisher. Please state your contact information (name, surname, department and its address, e-mail address) at the end of your manuscript.

The deadline of the manuscripts: April / October

Send your manuscripts in electronic form to following e-mail address:










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